Hi there! I am Lauren, founder of Love You a Bundle. 

As a relativity new mother, I found myself, (as I am sure most new mums do) in a whole new dimension of reality. Wanting to do my very best, of course, I googled, researched and read every baby book you could possibly imagine, to be left with what felt like my head was going to explode! 

I have managed to navigate my way through the first 8 months of motherhood life and feel a lot more confident and capable with all things baby, but most of all, the importance of self care! Taking care of yourself is taking care of your family.

As an experienced teacher, and also a new mother, I was inspired to take the guesswork out of 'the essentials' for mother and bub. By curating carefully picked products that are designed for your well being, peace of mind and just utter indulgence, I came up with Love You a Bundle. 

Love You a Bundle provides packages of essential items for mothers and their bundles of joy. With a focus on postpartum 

restoration and healing, we handpick and carefully choose each item, making sure they are authentic, ethically manufactured, organic and of the highest quality. All products are Australian made and support local businesses.

At Love You a Bundle, we pride ourselves with only using reputable companies, knowing that each item you receive is one that you will love.