I’ve always loved getting to know people on a deeper level and have forever been drawn to exploring different ways in which people can heal. During this time, and through my own healing experiences, I’ve discovered that it certainly isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Which is why I’m bringing together crystals, smudging, essential oils, theta healing and counselling to create a place where people can explore and experience a more wholistic approach to how they can take care of themselves. 

I started using essential oils after the birth of my first little girl, when she was all snotty and blocked up, and got into them even more after the birth of my second little girl.

I became obsessed with ridding our home of toxic products, everything from cleaning to beauty. I noticed a massive difference in not only our moods but in our physical bodies too – the girls weren’t getting as sick as often and if they did, they didn’t get hit as hard or for as long as they used to.

At first, these roller blends were created purely to share the love with family and friends…when it came time for me to go back to work, I felt the pull to pursue this love of helping others and to follow my heart. So here they are – crystal and blossom infused essential oil blends that can be used to support your entire body – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Our Calm Place roller blends have been carefully created using the highest quality carrier and essential oils. Each blend has been mindfully paired with cleansed and charged crystals whose powerful vibrations match the healing benefits of the chosen essential oils.

Tahls founder of Our Calm Place


Hey there, I’m Rosie - a designer specialising in dried flowers, influenced by art & design and driven by sustainable living. Every piece I create is lovingly crafted by hand, with exceptional attention to detail and patience.
I started know the rose with my mother and grandmother, who both gave me the courage to live life creatively. We are three generations with a love of antiquity, a natural appreciation for the handcrafted, and a desire to create. My bespoke pieces range from floral wreaths, bouquets, woven baskets and floral wall hangings, wedding favours, place settings to larger scale custom installations. 
With sustainability at the forefront of my designs, where possible I source ecological, vintage and recycled products. I produce and wrap in a sustainable way, and always choose to buy local. It is encouraging to see more and more of us rejecting throwaway culture in favour of a slower pace and a more considered buying philosophy - the same philosophy I hope my customers share.

Rosie founder of Know the Rose

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 Growing up in the North of England, I will always remember my first intention I set for myself, “To live peacefully, and energetically on foreign land “ 

It was in Australia when I first fell in Love with candles and the meaning behind burning with intentions, I had no idea a candle could be so useful apart from offering light of course. 

Igniting my candles totally sets my mindset, creating a sense of calmness and restores my energy just when I need it the most. 

Orsa started purely by accident and just when I needed it the most. After my divorce in 2017 I threw myself into helping other women come through toxic relationships and how to build their self-worth with counselling and hypnotherapy, it was after these sessions I would light a candle for my client,  take a moment to be present and ground my-self before my next client arrived. 

Those amazing women generally worked with me for around 6-8 sessions, I had always planned on giving a parting gift to remind them of how far they had come and reinforce their amazing work on them self and their intentions from that day forward. Jump ahead to March 2020 the first Covid lockdown, I found myself without work like a lot of people, also a single mum and the only source of income for our family and it had just stopped. 

I had two choices sink or swim, while I was slipping down the slope of giving up and sinking, I decided to learn how to make these candles I wanted to give my clients. I needed them to be amazing and I had the time to learn how. I handed out my first batch to friends for their feedback. My friends loved my candles, I loved my candles, the neighbours  loved my candles. This is how my beautiful Orsa began, Orsa in Latin means Beginning, this was my New beginning, my  “Novus Orsa “ I never dreamed for a second that I would have a candle business and now I couldn’t dream of anything else. Making a candle is easy but to make an amazing candle with intention takes time, experience, knowledge and passion.​​

Lou founder of ORSA & CO

We bring a no nonsense ethos to all that we do, you won’t find any magic pills, rainbows or unicorns.

Born in a kitchen on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, our products are proudly made in Australia with quality Australian ingredients. No Nonsense was founded by two fitness industry experts who needed a quality magnesium product with no nasties or unnecessary ingredients.

With their combined experience and passion, No Nonsense was born. All our products are carefully created with local, ethical and purposeful ingredients that work.

Nina and Pierre founders of No Nonsense Magnesium


The idea of KRAFTLii was born from my true love for nature.
During the last few years I adopted to a zero-waste life style, but I felt like I wanted to do even more.          
So I studied to make products that are kind to the environment as well as to the body.
The earth is what we all have in common, and I truly believe together we can make a positive difference.

Ilenia, Founder of KRAFTLii 


Welcome! Good to have you here and thanks for showing an interest in the story of Bucketty’s.

It’s been a bloody long journey to get where we are today, all starting back in early 2017.

Check out the posts below to follow the full story from when we first bought land up in Bucketty with dreams of farming hops and creating an off grid brewery, to importing junk equipment from China, to the council crushing our dreams. All the way until now, where we’re on the verge of finally opening in Brookvale. It’s been a ride!

Latest can be found below. Otherwise if you’re really keen, click here to start from the beginning.

Nick - Founder of Bucketty's Brewery

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For the sweet tooths among us, growing up to become a chocolate and biscuit maker would be a delicious dream come true. While most of us can only imagine such a mouth-watering career, Gumnut chocolatier Bruce Allen is living the dream.

Growing up, Bruce was always involved with food in some way. His great grandfather, grandfather and father were all in the business of growing and wholesaling fresh produce. And, after graduating with an Economics degree, Bruce joined the family business at Flemington Markets.

Surrounded by quality, fresh produce, Bruce soon realised his passion lay in creating fine foods. So, in 1981 Bruce moved on from the family business and established a catering company with his wife, Ros Raine. This sparked the beginning of Gumnut Chocolates, with Bruce and Ros’ catering service including handmade chocolates and almond bread, the company’s foundation products.

After their first two successful years in business, Bruce and Ros moved operations from their home kitchen to a character-filled old bakehouse in Manly Vale. Here, Gumnut Chocolates continued to develop its product line, using only the finest ingredients and layering flavours to create exciting textures and tastes.

In 2001, Gumnut Chocolates upgraded to its current modern food manufacturing facility, which was purpose built for the growing team’s unique combination of baking and chocolate making.

A natural, self taught chocolate maker, Bruce has mastered the fine art of tempering chocolate with the help of visiting European chocolatiers, namely the famous French patissier, Joel Bellouet. The late Pierre Charkos, the French patissier from La Renaissance Sydney, was also an invaluable mentor who helped Bruce understand and conquer the complexities of chocolate making.

The Gumnut team prides itself on nurturing strong relationships with customers. Popular team member Shirley Stapleton has been taking orders for the past 15 years. Italian patissier and chocolatier Paolo Penigotti joined the team in 2005, bringing extensive experience and enthusiasm that has further enhanced the business.

Now, after 37 successful years, Bruce has achieved his dream of creating Australian chocolates and biscuits to rival the finest imports.

Bruce and Ros Founders of Gumnut Chocolates